About my counselling

I offer individual counselling for a wide range of issues and problems for adults.

My aim is to offer a safe, supportive and sensitive place in which to explore what’s important to you – how you feel, think, and experience your life. I work in a way that values and respects all of your experience, bringing heightened awareness and perhaps discovering new resources with which to tackle difficulties. The emphasis is on what’s happening for you now, and I may invite you to try experiential work including drawing, clay modelling and dialogue.

Out of this kind of counselling can come many jewels, as I am still learning in my own personal work.

Potent speech bubbleI have a particular interest in working with what is sometimes called the “inner critic”. This is a harsh, judgemental inner voice that many of us are uncomfortably familiar with. It tends to criticise, shame and belittle us – nothing we do seems good enough. Recognising and developing a measure of disengagement from this voice can often encourage movement.

Where appropriate I make use of the Enneagram system of personality types, which I have studied formally and informally for many years. My counselling training is in the Gestalt tradition at The Gestalt Centre in London, and you can read their description of the Gestalt approach here. I have also studied Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and although I am not a CBT therapist I am able to make use of this approach for specific difficulties.